Festive Nail Art Tutorial: Penguins

By on December 7, 2015
Festive Nail Art Tutorial: Penguins
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Well we think it is safe to say that we are well and truly into holiday season mode and so to bring on all the fun and festive cheer we bring you a fun seasonal nail art tutorial in the shape of cute penguins with just a hint of snow.

What you will need:

  • Base coat
  • Topcoat
  • Grey Nail Polish
  • Black Nail Polish
  • White Nail Polish
  • Orange Nail Polish
  • Small and medium dotting tools or a toothpick and bobby pin.

As always begin with your basecoat.  Then paint alternative nails with black and grey polish.  Paint over the black polish with the white polish covering only 3/4 of the nail as per the picture…..

Nails painted with black and grey polish


With a dotting tool or bobby pin create the eyes with two dots and with the orange polish place a dot for the beak and two dots at the base of the nail for feet….


nails painted with as per instructions


Fill the nails painted grey with different sizes of white dots to create falling snowflakes.


nails painted as per instructions


Ensure each layer of your polish is completely dry before apply other colors otherwise you risk the colors bleeding into each other.  When all your polish is dry, finish with a fast drying topcoat to add shine and that’s it!! Pair with your favorite Christmas Jumper and you are good to go.


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