Dessert Nail Art Designs

By on September 2, 2013
Dessert Nail Art Designs
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Dessert nail art designs are perfect especially for those, who cannot imagine their lives without sweets. In fact, they are so colorful and fun that can easily boost up your mood and add a positive vibe to your look! Lacking inspiration? Check out these dessert nail designs!

Dessert Nail Art Designs

Strawberry French Manicure

Forget about the classic French manicure and stick with the cutest nail art that you’ve ever seen! Pick colors such as vibrant pink, bright green and white and design your nails with strawberry French manicure!

Dessert Nail Art Designs

Dessert Party Nails

This eye-catching nail art can perfectly embellish any look and add a frisky touch to it. You can use this unique nail design for all of your nails or design only two nails on each hand with dessert party nail art.

Candy Corn Nails

White, orange and yellow, what can look more positive than the combination of these colors? Use warm colors on cold winter days and boost up your mood! Moreover, the candy corn nail art design can be the best option for Halloween!

Dessert Nail Art Designs

M&M Nail Art

Have you ever tried M&M nail art? If not then it is the right time to do! Now if you aren’t a fan of bold nail designs, you can use this nail art only on one finger of each hand! M&M nail design is definitely worth trying!

Dessert Nail Art Designs

Cupcake Nails

One can actually smell and even imagine the delicious taste of cupcakes thanks to this cool dessert nail art! Now pick colors such as soft pink and hot pink, brown and white and design your nails with this cute nail art that will leave a big impact on everyone!

Dessert Nail Art Designs

Pastel Cupcake Nails

Speaking about cupcake nails we cannot forget to mention about pastel cupcake nail design. Looking delicious, isn’t it? Try this cute dessert nail art and make everyone around you crave sweets.

Dessert Nail Art Designs

Candy Cane Nail Art

As before you’ll even notice it’s going to be Christmas time, get an idea that you’ll definitely stick with during Christmas holidays! Candy cane nails look amazing and remind Christmas magic all the time!

Dessert Nail Art Designs

Chocolate Spills Nails

Last but not least, chocolate spills nail art will definitely become your nail design obsession as one cannot be indifferent to chocolate! This dessert nail art looks amazing especially during cold winter days, as it’s the season, when everyone craves a cup of hot chocolate.

Dessert Nail Art Designs

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