Silver Eye Makeup Ideas

By on August 27, 2013
Silver Eye Makeup Ideas
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The main benefit of the silver eye shadow is that it looks equally great with different skin tones. You just need to choose the shade of it, which looks good with your skin and eye color. You can use it both as a basis for the main coloring or like a basic shadow. And this is all due to the fact that they amazingly capture the light and reflect it creating creamy texture. It’s all about finding your own ‘silver lining’.

Silver Eye Makeup Ideas

Highlighting Eyes

The silver eyeshadow is the ideal choice for highlighting the inner side of the eyes. This is usually used to make the eyes look bigger and accenting the basic make up. In addition the gaze appears deeper and sexier. The basic makeup with this trick is usually smokey eyes or darker shade makeup.

Silver Eye Makeup Ideas

Bronzed Smokey Eyes

The all-classic smokey eyes effect can be created with all color shadows, but silver looks specifically elegant and sophisticated. You need to choose two shades of silver. The only thing that needs to be encountered here is that both shadows need to be either shiny or matte.

Silver Eye Makeup Ideas

Classical 60s Makeup

The use of silver and white eyeliners was really popular during 60s, though the trend comes and goes back into the fashion rapidly. The choice is rather large here. You can use different types of silver eyeliner pencils, liquid eyeliners and even cream ones. Dolce & Gabbana introduced a very sleek and intense shade of liquid eyeliner in silver shade just this summer.

The turnback of the color was made back in the spring collection of Dior, which was using it as a part of their smokey eye effect. The style was also successfully introduced with Cara Delevingne. The model was using creamy silver eyeshadow combined with cat-eye black liner.

Silver Eye Makeup Ideas

Silver Eye Makeup Ideas

In contrast, Dior Diane Vor Furstenberg decided to involve lighter silver eyeshadows combined with only lower eyeliner of darker shade. This made the doll-looking eyes and looked very effective.

If you want to go creative, you can get a riskier look of combining silver shadows or eyeliner pencils with neon makeup shades. This will give you a fresh and extravagent look.

Silver Eye Makeup Ideas

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