How to Look Younger With Makeup

By on March 24, 2014
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Looking for advice that will help you look younger? Well, follow reading below and get informed about the best makeup tricks for looking younger!

Liquid Concealer

The reason why we suggest you to stick with a liquid concealer in order to create a makeup look that will make you look younger is that the regular concealer will create a big contrast that will emphasize your wrinkles which definitely is something unwanted.

How to Look Younger With Makeup

Liquid Foundation with Yellow Undertone

Pale skin makes everyone look a lot older than appears to be. Thus, to avoid such results we suggest you to stick with a liquid foundation with yellow undertone in order to warm up your skin.

How to Look Younger With Makeup

Skip Powder

As experts claim applying tinted powder will actually ruin your look by emphasizing age-conditioned skin issues. Thus, to achieve the desired results it is a good idea to skip this step.

How to Look Younger With Makeup

Emphasize Cheeckbones

According to professionals growing older women tend to lose fat in their face. To create the effects that you once used to naturally have makeup artists suggest emphasizing your cheeckbones by using some blush.

How to Look Younger With Makeup

Stick with a Light Brow Pencil

You might need to have more natural looking effects, so creating overwhelming looks are definitely something to avoid if you want to look younger and one of the most important makeup steps to pay attention to is the one of filling in your brows. For better results experts suggest to go for a brow pencil of a tone lighter than the natural color of your brows.

How to Look Younger With Makeup

Use an Eyelash Curler

Curling your lashes will make your eyes pop out and look brighter which is something necessary ifyou want to look younger.

How to Look Younger With Makeup

Use  Shimmer

Not only you are allowed to use shimmer but required as applying some shimmer will brighten up your face and add a natural glow to it!

How to Look Younger With Makeup

Nude Lips

As we grow older our lips tend to get smaller which is one of the main reasons why there is no need to emphasize that change of the form by applying a vibrant lipstick. Instead we suggest you to go for natural looking nude shades!

How to Look Younger With Makeup


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