Top Tips: Get Hair Straightener Savvy

By on November 23, 2015
Top Tips: Get Hair Straightener Savvy
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This may not be quite the news you wanted to read today but this season sees the return of the once indispensable hair straightener.  Whether you like it or not the hair straightener is back with a bang, but this time you won’t have to suffer the poker straight look with otherworldly lifeless ends.  Gone is the singed, charred, heat damaged hair of days gone by, replaced with well-polished, sleek, shiny hair.

Let’s be honest straight hair is probably one of our most wished-for look when it comes to our hair.   Even people with straight hair strive for that all elusive tamed, frizz free beautiful mane, perfect from root to tip.

woman with hair straightener

The GHD or Good Hair Day practically changed women’s lives everywhere with their sleek, ceramic plated electrical appliance that was so easy to use and pretty much performed hair miracles with every single stroke.

Fast forward to now and to the newly improved and re-imagined straighteners hitting the shelves.  The focus now being on hair conditioning technology with both Remington and Mark Hill launching straighteners that have their ceramic plates infused with argan oil to moisturize the hair as you straighten.  That coupled with the newest advancement of refillable straighteners that have separate tanks for water and other moisture-infusing ingredients, our futures are set to be full of the most amazing hair days.

Now, down to business and how to get the best out of your new found love for your straightener:

  • Don’t treat your hair like you are ironing it, avoid pulling down the hair from root to tip, instead use the straightener to finish off your styling by pressing the hair as a finishing touch.
  • Lift and blow-dry the roots for volume then use your straightener from just above the ears working lightly towards the end.
  • Use the straightener to eliminate frizz after blow-drying your hair.  After you have created volume and shape run the straightener over the top layer of your hair.
  • If you are straightening your whole head, never spend more than 10 minutes at it, remember straighteners should be used as a finishing treatment not as a starting point.

Finally, stick to these few easy moves for perfectly preened hair:

  • Prep your hair with a leave-in primer or conditioner.
  • Start roughly an inch away from your roots to keep your blow-dry volume.
  • Finish about an inch from the tips to avoid ugly blunt ends.
  • Don’t clamp the straightener or tug downwards and never stop on the way down or you will get unsightly kinks in your hair.

So, whether you consider the hair straightener an indispensable savior or just a necessary evil, they are hot again!!

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