Stylish Ways to Wear Short Hair

By on February 26, 2014
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Thinking having short hair wasn’t the best idea as there are no many cool hairstyles to experiment with? Well, before you rush to make any conclusions check out the super cool, stylish ways to wear short hair presented from us exclusively for you!

Cute Headbands

Among the easiest ways to create gorgeous hairstyle for short hair appears to be the one of wearing a cute headband. In fact depending on what look you want to create you can either go for a fancy one and achieve a luxurious style or go for subtle for casual-chic. The decision is yours!

Stylish Ways to Wear Short Hair

Adding Some Volume

It is a proven fact that you can never go wrong with volume! Thus, whether you have a cool pixie cut or a gorgeous short bob don’t be afraid to add some volume.

Stylish Ways to Wear Short Hair


Ok, we all have to admit it short dyed hair is the most attractive style! Moreover, we encourage you to go for an eye-catching edgy color such as bleach blonde, orchid or platinum in order to create a real celebrity look that will leave everyone speechless!

Stylish Ways to Wear Short Hair

Spiking your Hair

Probably the best option to go for if you want to create a jaw-dropping fierce look is spiking! Moreover, spiking your hair you will add an androgynous vibe to the entire look and create a stunning modern-chic style!

Stylish Ways to Wear Short Hair

Retro Inspired

For a softer, romantic look we suggest you to go for cute finger waves that will help you to create a beautiful retro-inspired look that will attract everyone’s attention from the first sight!

Stylish Ways to Wear Short Hair

Slicked Back Look

A style that looks the best with a pair of eye-catching earrings and a statement-making makeup look appears to be the one of slicked back hair. This is a hairstyle that perfectly expresses the confidence of a young, independent, modern woman which is one of the main reasons why we suggest you to go for it.

Stylish Ways to Wear Short Hair

Hair Accessories

Besides of wearing various trendy headbands we suggest you to accessorize your hair with trendy, girly hair accessories in order to add an adorable youthful vibe to the entire look of yours.

Stylish Ways to Wear Short Hair

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