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By on August 15, 2014
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I have been a beauty and fashion junkie for a while now. Even when I was little I used to sneak into my mom’s closet and try on her stuff when she wasn’t around. High heels and fancy dresses were my particular favorites. No matter how many times she caught me and got me in trouble, I’d still be back in there rummaging through the closet to find something fabulous. I’d pretend to do a fashion show by walking through my living room to music. I imagined myself strutting down the runway to applause for my awesome outfits. As an adult I still love fashion and style that much. Except now I rummage through my own closet and only get in trouble with my credit cards, haha. My life is my runway now and I strut through it in awesome heels all the time. But I must say I have a confession. A little secret if  you will. Though I usually try to be polished with a coordinated outfit, killer heels, nice bag, nails always done… for most of my life I could not tame my hair.

While I can choose a killer outfit (I even style my friends sometimes) I am HORRIBLE at doing my hair. There are plenty of pictures of me looking nice with smooth strands or beachy waves, but I will admit to you guys here and now – it was my hair stylist’s work. I know a girl, who makes magic happen with my hair. I’d have frustrating days, attempting to blow dry my own hair and end up with a frizzy mess of a disaster on my head. At some point I admitted it to myself and just gave up. If I wanted to look ok I’d put in a bun or go to my girl Ani. But not anymore!! I won’t lie and say I am a hair guru or that I dumped Ani… The truth is I’m still learning but I am no longer a disaster. I can definitely create some cute curls now. And I am even learning how to create pretty waves with my hair iron. Next up is learning how to do a good blow dry. One of the things I figured out through this learning process is that you gotta have good tools. Tools and technique are the two major parts of the puzzle.


A lot of the tools I love and use all the time come from the BeautyFrizz collection! When I use a bit of heat protectant and my fav BeautyFrizz curler I end up with glossy curls. I wanted to tell you guys more about the Pro Curling Iron on sale right now through BeautyFrizz. Now all of you can share in my hair glory! I must tell you that it is pretty amazing. The first thing you’ll notice, besides the cool box, is how big it is. This thing is the size of my forearm. If you’ve got a lot of hair, long or thick, you will really love this. Back to the box… do you usually find it super difficult to get your hair tools out of the box? I always feel like the boxes are such a pain in the behind to open. Either you can’t pull the little tab out of the flap to get the top open or it has a pull out tray that is super annoying to actually pull out. You guys know what I am talking about, right? This box has a magnetic top… how cool is that? There are little magnets holding it shut. It’s so easy to just pull the flap of the lid and up it pops to reveal your hair tool nestled safely inside. I know it’s just a box, but it’s the little things, right?

Showing off the new Pro Curling Iron from BeautyFrizz

On to the technical features… The curler has a secure clip on the barrel, swivel cord, power button, and a little screen with up and down buttons for the temperature controls. It’s pretty easy to use; plug it in, turn on the power, then set the temperature to whatever you like. It heats up pretty quick which is great for me since I am always running late. Another cool little feature that I always appreciate on my hot tools is the little kick stand attached to it. I am always nervous about the hot barrel touching my counter or anything on it… the little kickstand always makes me feel a little better that the heated part will stay safely away from everything else.

The technology of the actual barrel includes far infrared technology, ion technology and a titanium barrel. These features are supposed to ensure that hair is less damaged and looks the most glossy and frizz free. I do notice that these more technologically advanced hair tools make my hair seem glossier and healthier after I use them. Another super cool feature of this curler is that it’s made with dual voltage, meaning you are able to use it when traveling outside the country. Have you ever brought hair tools with you when traveling abroad and they fried when you tried to use them? That is a total bummer. The reason it happens is because most places outside the US have electrical outlets with different voltages. Your US appliances can be dangerous to use outside the US (I learned this the hard way).

Showing off the new Pro Curling Iron from BeautyFrizz with the clamp open

Bottom line – this is a great curler. I am still practicing with this tool because I started my learning process with a clip less wand style curler. The clip definitely helps your curls set better so if you are looking for a more defined curl its perfect. If you want something looser and more beachy looking, you can just wrap your hair around the outside, no need to use the clip!

Recently I even did a voluminous straight style by blow drying my wet hair and then using my 32mm Pro Curling Iron to create some movement and texture at the ends. When I showed up to dinner with a big group of friends, it was just like in my childhood imagination – ohs and ahhs when I walked in. I even got a couple of “wow, you’re hair looks great!” And I did it ALL BY MYSELF! Well me and my Pro Curling Iron J

What do you guys think, of the BeautyFrizz hair tools??  You can buy them here.

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  1. Gina

    August 15, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    I’ve been seeing so many pretty hair styles with curls/ waves lately and I finally decided to grow the courage to try it out. So I excitedly rummaged around my bathroom to look for my curling iron. When I found it I realized that it’s too old! I am afraid to damage my hair with my old iron. This one looks awesome, like it will be the perfect start to a new collection. It would be really cool if you guys did a tutorial on this. I’d love to see how you made your hair look so pretty. And since I am a beginner it would be really nice if it was easy.

  2. Kerry

    August 15, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    Wow, this looks super cool. I have a clipless curler and I didn’t think I wanted or need a curler with a clip. But after this I want one! Seems like you can make a lot of different styles with it. Also I assume that this kind of curler produces a different type of curl than a wand type curler. Being the beauty/fashion junkie that I am, of course I NEED another curling iron, lol. I cant wait to see these on sale!! I really want one.

  3. Elle

    August 15, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    I love reading Beauty Frizz, you guys have such cute articles on here. I am so excited that you guys are gonna be selling curling irons. I hope that it will be awesome, I cant wait to try it out. I know you guys write great articles so I am sure it will be awesome. When can I get one here? I hope really soon because I really cant wait! Also, can you please put some tutorials showing how to do your hair with the curler? I want to learn how to use them better. Thanks 

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